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Klaipeda Ville's Link List

  • Port of Klaipeda
    Go for Port flash- they wanted to say our port's introduction video. It has amazing views! This is also the one of the rare world ports that never freezes up.
  • Lithuanian Sea Museum
    Famous, grandiose, and impressive maritime museum-aquarium and dolphinarium which popularity runs back into Soviet times. Php decision is not bad.
  • Cyber Hang Out Place
    The place has quite interesting interactive feature. Place your picture, get to know the other members and chat with them live! Web-site creators are real script masters! It is only in Russian and Lithuanian though.
  • Klaipeda's daily newspaper
    It is only in Lithuanian which is its major draw back.
  • On line's advertisement portal
    It is only in Lithuanian as well.
  • The Baltic Times newspaper
    This one is in English but it is a way too general.
  • Klaipeda's Municipality
    The English, German, and Russian versions of this website are missing out on a whole lot of information. Although Lithuanian version has it all. I find it real lame. Not that I am surprised on the attitude though.
  • Design and Programming Experts
    The name says it all. These guys are not bad!
  • My special thanks to Mike Crone the owner of whose valuable advices on this website creation have helped me out real big. Thank you, Mike. I appreciate. Canada rocks!
  • Dynamicdrive scripts
    The scripts they have are powerful, great, and truly amazing! I really do highly recommend them for professionalism!
    Stay clear away off this site! They are real fraudsters who will simply rob off your credit cards and you will get nothing in return! Beware! You will pay a little membership fee but they will never deliver!
  • Find stuff in Lithuania
    This is some kind of yellow pages for Lithuania. There are maps, state institutions, and business proposals included.
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Information in this section is updated whenever I think it's necessary or just when I change my mind and opinion by finding something even more interesting. You might as well want to come back here to check on it at times.

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Will always consider employment opportunities, just e-mail me for info
December 1st, 2008

September Colds 3!

Hey! We got our warm autumn's weather back!
September 25th, 2008

September Colds 2!

Electricity will warm us up!
September 21st, 2008

September Colds 1!

We have been having unbelievable colds in Klaipeda in September! Thanks goodness it's not snowing in autumn yet!
September 21st, 2008