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beer Beer Sales. This beer is absolutely excellent! Don't take my words for granted, give it a try yourself! The bottle is all plastic, contains 7.3% of alcohol and has 1 liter (0.22 gallons / 1.76 pints) of the greatest beer inside!

Payment. You can pay by almost any methods there are out there. is in charge of most of it so it is 100% safe. Your financial data is not stored anywhere on my web-site, you do all your transactions solely via banks for bigger quantities or for smaller quantities directly. The only option I have on my own is Western Union but you would have to e-mail me first to use it. You need to e-mail me before placing your orders because I would need to have your exact delivery address to calculate your precise shipping costs. The retail price is 5 Euro per bottle if you arrange delivery yourselves. Please, e-mail me for instant invoice and pick up details.

Refund. The refund is also available but hey I carefully do check the expiry dates of every single bottle so there is nothing else that could possibly go wrong with it. In an unlikely event of dissatisfaction I will provide 7 days refund since the product's reception day at your end except for shipping and delivery costs.

Delivery & Shipping. Yes, I do ship worldwide! However, you are to choose your delivery options. You can even nominate your DHL, TNT, or UPS agents to come over to pick it up locally and to bill you directly. There is no USPS available over here, sorry. Normally I would ship it by a regular local post if you do not indicate it otherwise which is the cheapest and takes about 14 days to the US and around 7 days within Europe depending on your country of course. Since the cost of delivery depends on weight and the average weight of each bottle is about 1 kg (2.2 lbs) I strongly suggest you to contact me first for your exact shipping costs. Currently the retail price per 1 bottle (30 Euro) is indicated together with a standard (cheapest) shipping method to the Baltic States, Germany, Poland, Holand, Austria, and Switzerland. All the other countries please, e-mail me first.

Discounts Pricing and Options. Wholesale prices depend on quantity you shall buy and on your delivery point. Almost all the products are available in cans, kegs, glass or plastic bottles of various volumes. Please, e-mail me for more info. I always welcome various ideas, suggestions or preferences you may have or will have in the future regarding further fruitful cooperation, growth or development. Do not hesitate to ask away should you have any queries at all.

Make sure you check back again as I will add more beer types!

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The beer kinds you can order with us:

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The World's Beer Cup of June, 2000. New York. The silver award is won by Svyturio Extra beer. The World's Beer Championship of November 2001 held in the USA. The golden medal is awarded to Svyturio Extra in Dortmunder category. The World's Beer Cup of June 2002, Apsen, Colorado, USA. Svyturio Baltijos is awarded bronze prize in German style Marzen / Octoberfest category. Swedish beer festival of October 2004 where Svyturio Extra won a golden award in "lager" category. Quality of the products has been getting better ever since which is proved by increasingly growing demand. Buy and join our community of beer lovers! Give yourself an opportunity to taste the depths of centuries.